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Status Report

Currently - Today the facility is staffed and fully operational. The pictures below showcase the B767 and B777 bays. In addition, the facility has 2 B737-900 or A321 bays.


March 15th - B747 Bays



February 28th - The East side exterior B777 bay doors are installed and completed. Insulation being installed in the B777 bay. The B767 bay on the west side is finished with filter installation and 4 heaters are up and running.


January 29th


January 22nd -  Ductwork installed in 767 bay. West side expansion is near completion.


January 10th -  East side expansion is in progress. Exhaust plenum completed. New equipment staged in our shipping warehouse and waiting to be moved into the newly renovated hangar. Heater is being installed.


January 4th -  Construction continues on east side expansion. Exhaust plenums assembly and installation completed on west side 767 bay. Bathroom and lobby near completion.



December 21st -  Doors are installed on the west side enclosing the B767 and B737 bays. The additional lighting and fire suppression systems are being installed in the new west side addition. Office areas are progressing. Second floor Cube A offices are nearing completion.


December 12th -  The exhaust plenums are nearly complete in the B767 Bay. The exterior doors are being installed on the west side. The trusses for the east side are assembled and ready for installation and the compressor is being installed in the mechanical room.


November 16th -  West side expansion in progress.


November 8th -  The partition walls are up and the columns and trusses are in place on the west side. Setting diversion manholes in place on South end.


October 26th -  The bar joists are being assembled on the ground and later will be set by crane. Columns and truss are being set in place. Purlins and steel have arrived for the exterior of the west addition and are ready for installation.



October 16th -  New supports for wall above Cube C are complete. Steel structure from the top of Cube C shows how the steel grids serve as supports for the metal to close off sections at the top of cube.

Steel for the roof expansion and air filtration exhaust fans have arrived! Roofing material is being transferred to complete the roofs.


October 9th -  New condenser units were delivered today for cubes and, also, steel was delivered for the west partition wall. The second partition wall on the east side is up and the frames are being installed for walls above the cubes. New plenum on west side of Cube B.



October 1st -  Assembly and installation of the Exhaust Plenums for the hangar painting bays are well underway. Office partitions are going up in customer and administrative areas. Walls and lighting installation is in process in the reception area. The new hangar door tracks have been installed and concreted into place.


September 12th - Door tracks are being set in place on the west side. Concrete will be poured next week.

The Fire Loop on the east side is complete. Fire loop trenching on the north side continues back to the main connection at the north side of the hangar.

Hangar Ceiling duct supports are being welded into place. The southwest bay duct supports are completed. Next, the roofing crew will cut the holes and set the curbs. The drywall installation in cube "B" - 2nd floor is in process and the new main switching gear in both north and south mechanical rooms are being installed.


August 18th - The hangar doors have been removed from both sides of the hangar in preparation for the structural modifications to the roof and exterior walls


August 15th - The water treatment equipment is being assembled and prepared for installation.


August 8th - Metal stud walls are up in all the cubes with the exception of one. Crane is on site to move the hangar doors. Structural steel delivery is scheduled for Sept 20th.Contractor is pouring concrete for the drains and foundation. All the piles are complete. Concrete poured for walls on west side and forms are being 
finished for door foundation. Plumbing for restrooms are in the process. New airline trunk is complete. 
New gas line installation and new water line feed in tunnel in process. Sprinkler heads complete and risers on exterior of cubes complete. Valve work is in progress in the tunnel area. Pad for storage tanks complete. New tanks in containment for VM technology (wastewater treatment plant).


July 12th - The air line installations are in process. Plumbing work is progressing well including; the risers for the fire suppression system, the mock-up plenum is complete and the sprinkler head replacement is 95% complete throughout the hangar. Air conditioning duct installations in process in the employee office area.The pad for the water waste tank is in work and nearly completed The auger cast company has completed drilling for the test pile. Production pile is in process. Trench for piles on the east side is nearly completed.


June 16th - "The breaking-up of the concrete and asphalt is complete on both east and west side. The concrete removal will be completed June 16th and the contractor is scheduled to start digging the trenches for the piles and utilities. The fire suppression contractor is still replacing the sprinkler heads with 70% complete. Plumbing contractor is finishing the demo in the restrooms. Electrical contractor is running new conduit and is finished with demo. The contractors are on schedule






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