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Dean Baldwin Donates to Local University

May 19, 2023

Unlike the hundreds of other aircraft that Dean Baldwin Painting will paint this year for the major airlines, this recently painted aircraft will never fly again. Yet this B727 is every bit as important as any of the aircraft painted for the major airlines.

The B727 aircraft was painted for the Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell at no cost to the University and will become an important tool for training future aircraft mechanics. The aircraft was donated to the school some six years ago to be used as a training aide, but had not been used by the school, in part because the FedEx logo had not been painted away, which was a condition of the donation.
When Jim Burress, general manager of Dean Baldwin Painting’s Roswell facility, learned of the school’s dilemma, he discussed the situation with Barbara Baldwin, CEO of Dean Baldwin Painting, LP. 
“When Jim brought the University’s need to my attention I agreed without hesitation. The students working on that plane could very well be employees at our company someday, “said Baldwin. “I am glad to help the school and I was glad to help some of our employees as well. About 20 employees need more ‘on the job training’ in their records to advance to a higher job level, which awards them with a higher pay grade. So, by doing the work and recording it in their employee records, they meet the criteria to advance to the next pay grade. I thought immediately, this would help both our causes.”
Training is an important part of the company culture at Dean Baldwin Painting. That is why supporting ENMU-R was an easy decision. Baldwin has an extensive in-house training program designed to maximize employee potential and career growth. All Dean Baldwin Painting employees who are classified as preppers and painters are placed by job levels, according to a program written and initiated by Dean Baldwin Painting. The program clearly outlines the job level requirements with goals and experience one must attain through OJT (on the job training) to advance.
The ENMU-R officials recently unveiled the freshly painted B727 aircraft courtesy of the paint service specialists at Dean Baldwin Painting, LP., who completed the $80,000 paint job at no cost to the school. The paint products were donated by PPG Aerospace, a global aviation paint supplier. 
Burress was on hand to greet the students.
“We’re anxious for you to graduate,” he told the 20 aviation students who were checking out their new plane. “We’re very proud of you. Stay with it. You’ll have a long future.”
The ENMU-R AMT school is a 14&1/2 month-long program that is the only FAA Part 147 A&P school in the southeast part of the state. Students will no longer use the Boeing B727 as a display model, but as a trainer for larger aircraft systems, fuel systems, rigging, hydraulics, brakes, tires, air conditioning, auxiliary power unit, electrical systems, and inspections. The Boeing B727 is the only large aircraft the program owns, though there are multiple smaller aircraft to practice on, including a Cessna, two Bell 47 helicopters, and Acroduster Too, A Beechcraft Model 50, and a Huey Model UH1 helicopter.