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Christmas Party Highlights 2018

April 12, 2023

The Christmas season has passed but the memories of the Dean Baldwin Painting annual Christmas parties will live on well into the New Year.

Each year Barbara Baldwin-McNulty, CEO and owner of Dean Baldwin Painting, along with the hosting facility Human Resource team arranges for an employee party. The party is in celebration of the holidays of course, and offers an opportunity for Barbara to express her appreciation for the hard work the employees expended throughout the year to make 2018 another successful year. The party begins with a brief speech from Barbara followed by the presentation of thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts.

“This party is possible thanks to you (the employees)…., Barbara announced as she points to the men and woman sitting at tables pausing from their exquisite meal to intently listen. “It’s because of your dedication to making our company better for our families and our customers that we continue to prosper. Its your dedication to quality that has made our reputation what it is, the best in the industry and has kept us at the top…. Keep up the great job!”. Next, names are drawn based on seniority groups and Barbara personally presents the gifts. There are always lots of fabulous gifts, great food and dancing.

Everyone had a great time as they always do at a Baldwin party… The parties in Roswell, NM; Peru, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona are over; and the New Year has arrived. Here’s to the spirit of Christmas and may it be with us well into 2019!